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It is engaged in the production of PP PET non-woven machinery. Jeremiah has lots of clients in China and abroad, and succeeded in installing over hundred lines these years.

Single S non-woven fabric production line

This production line is the professional non-woven fabric manufacturing equipment which integrated with the advanced technology from overseas and domestic production conditions and is developed independently by ourselves. This production line has the characteristics of low investment, compact in size, small area, simple production process, easy to operate, saving labour and strong adaptability.


SMS(SMMS) Non-woven Production Line

Health and medical: Surgical suits, Isolation suits, Patient cloth, Medical kits, bags etc. Labor protection: Protection cloth, Automobile covers, Anti-dust covers, Painting clothes, Rain coats etc. Tourism products: Umbrella, Beach clothes, Recycled bags. Hygiene and sanitary: Baby diapers, Adult pads, Shoe covers, Sanitary and filtering product


SS Non-woven fabric production line

The main ingredient of PP spun-bond non-woven is polypropylene. It’s a cloth-like coil that is produced by a spinning process. After treatment or fine finishing, a wide variety of end products with different functions will be produced, their main applications are as follows: 1. Health products: disposable surgical gowns, isolation cloth, face masks, shoe covers, etc. 2. Daily necessities: shopping carry bag, raincoat, table cloth, suit covers, tents, umbrellas, disposable slippers, etc. 3. Traffic class: roadbed cloth, dike-protecting cloth, car interior cloth, etc. 4. Others: bedding, furniture, luggage cases, handbags, etc.


Spunlace Spunbond Nonwoven fabric Equipment

Specifications: Customized Machine Spunlaced nonwovens (spunlaced nonwovens) is a new kind of nonwovens processing technology. Spunlaced nonwovens (spunlaced nonwovens) are made by continuously spraying the web with high-pressure water, which makes the fibers move and displace in the web and rearrange and tangle with each other under the action of water, the fiber network can be reinforced to obtain certain physical and mechanical properties. SPUNLACED nonwovens are characterized by high strength, soft handle, good drape, no chemical adhesive and good air permeability.


SMMSS Non-woven Production Line

Main Feature 1. The whole line has a reasonable structure and is easy to operate. 2. The whole line is highly automated. 3. The control components are all brand-name products, with reliable performance and stable control. 4. The whole machine adopts PLC control and touch screen operation. 5. The layout of the host and auxiliary equipment can be specially designed and configured according to user conditions.


PET Long Fiber Spunbond Equipment

Customizable door width, for example; The annual production of 3.2 meter machinery can reach 5000 tons, with a weight of 10-260 grams Technical Advantage 1. The whole line is well-structured and easy operating. 2. The whole line is highly automated. 3. Control elements are of well-known make high performance and reliable technologies . 4. The whole line are controlled by PLC and operated with touch-screen. 5. The allocation of the main frame auxiliary equipment can be specially designed and adjusted according to customers requirement.


Staple Fiber Spunbond Nonwoven fabric Equipment

The equipment uses polypropylene (PP)、polyethylene terephthalate(PET )as raw material, using high speed hot air flow to stretch the polymer melt extruded by the nozzle hole, thus forming microfiber and collecting on the mesh curtain, and bonding itself to become a melt-blown nonwovens. Melt-blown cloth can be used in air, liquid filtration materials, isolation materials, absorbing materials, mask materials, thermal materials, oil absorption materials and wiping cloth and other fields.


Pp spunbond non-woven production line the main eouipment

The main function of sucking device is to drive the raw material by air from the Sucking Device feed hopper on the ground to extruder.


PP Non-woven Fabrics Extruder

The function of non-woven fabrics extruder is to extrude PP raw material from solid state to melt liquid state, and can be spunbond.




Sold to more than 35 countries and regions


Jiangsu Jeremiah Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 is registered capital of 10960000, covers an area of 20 acres, plant area of 12000 square meters. Jeremiah Machinery is located in Changzhou, the hinterland of the Changjiang River with transportation and information advantages.


Rich Experience

Deep history in the market, and 30 years of experience in OEM manufacture.


Quality Approve

The perfect quality inspection manager system ensures quality under control from incoming material to finished product.


R&D Innovation

We have a strong R&D team, and we can develop and produce products as drawings or samples offered by customers.


ODM/OEM Service

We accept OEM&ODM services, can customize colors for customers, and provide such as packaging design.

Industry Applications

It is engaged in the production of PP PET non-woven machinery. Jeremiah has lots of clients in China and abroad, and succeeded in installing over hundred lines these years.

Health Products


Daily Necessities





PET non-woven production line from us can provide the PET non-woven fabricwith all kinds of colors and widths according buyer request.Can cut the fabric on lineor separately.

PET non-woven fabric from our machine has the characters of high strength,good uniformity, excellent air permeability.The fabric are widely used in the fieldsof packing material , geotechnical materials ,water-poof material ,filter material andother special composite materials

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