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Vacuum calciner

Vacuum calciner can be used for cleaning PET,PLA.and PP production subassembly spinneret, filter core. and also plastic. cable and weaving cleaning


Technical Advantage

When the temperature reaches 300℃, the macromolecule polymer can be melt, and over 300℃ in vacuum situation can be dissociating. If the temperature is over 400cthe macromolecule polymer can be completely oxidized in vacuum situation. This vacuum calciner is just using this characteristic to heat the work  piece to 300C making macromolecule polymer melt and flow down to the bottom collecting part of the calciner, and in the mean time rising the calciner temperature up to400~500℃ openning the vacuum pump to put in some fresh air to oxidize the rest macromolecule polymer, and then suck them out by a pump.

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