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SMS(SMMS) Non-woven Production Line

Health and medical: Surgical suits, Isolation suits, Patient cloth, Medical kits, bags etc. Labor protection: Protection cloth, Automobile covers, Anti-dust covers, Painting clothes, Rain coats etc. Tourism products: Umbrella, Beach clothes, Recycled bags. Hygiene and sanitary: Baby diapers, Adult pads, Shoe covers, Sanitary and filtering product



Item Effective Width GSM Annual Output Embossing Pattern
S 1600mm 10-200 1680T Diamond,oval,cross and line
S 2400mm 10-200 2600T Diamond,oval,cross and line
S 3200mm 10-200 3500T Diamond,oval,cross and line
SS 1600mm 15-150 2800T Diamond,oval,cross and line
SS 2400mm 15-150 3700T Diamond,oval,cross and line
SS 3200mm 15-150 6000T Diamond,oval,cross and line
SMS 1600mm 15-150 3360T Diamond,oval
SMS 2400mm 15-150 4440T Diamond,oval
SMS 3200mm 15-150 7200T Diamond,oval
SMMS 1600mm 15-150 5000T Diamond,oval
SMMS 2400mm 15-150 7000T Diamond,oval
SMMS 3200mm 15-150 9000T Diamond,oval

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