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Single S non-woven fabric production line

This production line is the professional non-woven fabric manufacturing equipment which integrated with the advanced technology from overseas and domestic production conditions and is developed independently by ourselves. This production line has the characteristics of low investment, compact in size, small area, simple production process, easy to operate, saving labour and strong adaptability.


Item Effective Width GSM Annual Output Embossing Pattern
S 1600mm 10-200 1680T Diamond,oval,cross and line
S 2400mm 10-200 2600T Diamond,oval,cross and line
S 3200mm 10-200 3500T Diamond,oval,cross and line
SS 1600mm 15-150 2800T Diamond,oval,cross and line
SS 2400mm 15-150 3700T Diamond,oval,cross and line
SS 3200mm 15-150 6000T Diamond,oval,cross and line
SMS 1600mm 15-150 3360T Diamond,oval
SMS 2400mm 15-150 4440T Diamond,oval
SMS 3200mm 15-150 7200T Diamond,oval
SMMS 1600mm 15-150 5000T Diamond,oval
SMMS 2400mm 15-150 7000T Diamond,oval
SMMS 3200mm 15-150 9000T Diamond,oval

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